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About Bumblebee_Museum

The Bumblebee Museum in Ein Yahav takes its visitors to a space that simulates an active, swarming bee hive. In the museum, the world of the bumblebee is revealed to the visitors with all his complexity and glory. Transparent bee hives that show the labor of real bees for different types.  In the museum there are amazing close-up photos from the world of the bumblebee, artworks that convey the labor of the bumblebee and the apiary, a thrilling movie about the life of the bumblebee and much more.  In the museum you will step in the lane of the bumblebee's life. You will do so between thousands of flying bees while listening to a real recording of the bee's buzzing (that actually comes from their wings) merged with the epic composition "Flight of the bumblebee".
The museum reveals a special connection between the apiary – the agricultural project/the business/the Zionist to the art and the desert.  The Bumblebee Museum is an exciting family merging between the spirit and the matter, between the art and the labor and between the work life to the leisure and the culture of the desert.
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