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Porat apiary and beehive museum

Our Honey

Porat Apiary, Is located in Moshav Ein Yahav in the mid prairie of Israel.
The vast grasslands that holds our beehives, stretch from the south prairie through the lands 
of the Negev and the mid prairie and up to the areas of Beit Shemesh in the middle of Israel.
The bees of Porat Apiary make their honey from the honeydew of desert and wild flowers 
and thanks to them, our customers can enjoy natural, high quality honey that is pure, and 
clean of any infections.
The beehives move between the grasslands according to the seasons and the types of 
The honey, which is made by the hard labor of the honey bees of Porat Apiary, are not 
getting any extra sugar in their menu and are fed by the quality, aromatic riches that nature 
provides them.
The process of honey making in Ein Yahav Porat Apiary is strict and professional, it is the fruit 
of many years of experience in the field.
Starting with the picky and thorough choosing of grasslands, close and dedicated treatment 
to the beehives during the times of pasturing and ending with the process of harvesting the 
Before our eyes, two goals are standing – Quality and Excellency.
Honey from Porat apiary stands in the strict European criteria of the "AGRIOR" company and 
holds the "Quality Israeli Honey" Stamp

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